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Kenny Wellington (Founder member of Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Trumpet

Paul Mclean (Founder member of Hi-Tension) - Guitar

Patrick Mclean (Founder member of Hi-Tension) - Saxophone

Breeze' McKrieth (Founder member of Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Guitar

David 'Baps' Baptiste (Founder member of Light of the World/Beggar & Co.) - Saxophone

Peter Hinds ( Founder member of Light of the World/Incognito ) - Keyboards

Rolando Domingo_Trumpet  Cuban Allstars

Harry Brown – (Beggar & Co album) Trombone

Ernie McKone – (Beggar & Co album) Bass

Frank Felix _(Light of the World Inner Voices album, Beggar & Co)

Billy Osborne – (Musical Director of Alexander O’Neal band, Beggar & Co albums) Drums

Toby Baker (Keyboards)

Additional musicians that have performed with The Brit Funk Association

Kevin Robinson_(Simply Red/Incognito/Beggar & Co albums) Trumpet

Patrick Clahar_(Incognito/BFA Full Circle album) Saxophone

Jerome Harper_(Brass Roots/Beggar & Co albums and live performance) Trombone

Emil Ogul (Alexander O'Neal Band,Beggar & Co live band) Vocals

Robert 'Skins' Anderson (Beggar & Co recordings) Percussion

Dean Mark: Bass guitar
Yelfris Valdez: Trumpet


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